A Brief History

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) at Lund University was inaugurated in spring, 2007. The purpose of the center is to utilize existing capacities at Lund University and create new competence at the center to encourage and produce research and academic opportunities with an innovative, critical and interdisciplinary approach towards Middle Eastern Studies.

Although CMES is quite new, research on the Middle East and Islam has existed at Lund since its founding in 1666. While research existed within many different disciplines, the focus of Middle East research in Lund has been within Semetic Languages and Islamology. Detailed histories of these departments can be found by following these links to pdf files on Semitic Languages (PDF) and Islamology (PDF).

Research on the Middle East and Islam has been developing tremendously over the last three decades and have now been labeled as a priority by the university administration. With the growth of CMES over the next few years, Lund is becoming a hub for Middle Eastern Studies in Europe.