CMES courses

All courses organized by CMES focus not only on exposing students to the required literature and issues but put a tremendous effort in increasing students perceptions and critical thinking on a region that is widely misunderstood. This is reflected in the subjects we teach, the instructors, course structure and assignments.

Fall 2016

During fall term CMES’ MA-program in Middle Eastern Studies offer our students three mandatory courses.

Spring 2017

Most of our courses are given within the framework of the CMES’ MA-program in Middle Eastern Studies, but are also offered to any student aspiring a deeper understanding of the political, social, cultural, economic and religious developments of the contemporary Middle East.


During Spring 2017 CMES is offering courses with focus on the research conducted at the Center of Middle Eastern Studies `The Middle East in the Contemporary World´ (MECW).

More information please visit current coursesfor a full list of courses offered spring 2017.


Classes are conducted in English. Some information about the courses and application procedure is only available in Swedish at the moment. For non-Swedish speakers, please contact our Education Coordinator Tina Robertsson.