The Middle East in Our Neighborhood

The material published on this webpage is the result of a project we call CMES Field Week. During a week in May 2013 students and staff at CMES carried out short field studies where the ambition was to visit organizations (especially those organized for and by women), sport clubs, religious congregations and more loosely organized activities where persons with a Middle Eastern background were involved. We conducted interviews and documented the activities in pictures and text, and the objective behind this field study was multiple.

The main purpose was to document activities in Malmö and Lund in order ease contacts between researchers, students and the surrounding society, but also to obtain knowledge about local environments with a connection to the Middle East that could be of interest for the general public. This is all in accordance with CMES ambition to reach out to various groups within as well as outside of academia. Thereby this documentation constitute a part of the so-called third task of the university, which is to interact with, inform and explain research and projects to the general public. One additional positive outcome was that our students got a first experience of doing fieldwork.

The material obtained is ordered under the themes women, culture, children and youth, culture, sports and other. During the first round of field week we aimed at covering the area of Malmö and Lund. However, our long time ambition is to cover the whole area of Skåne and occasionally even other areas of Sweden (especially activities related to the sport theme). Our hope is that this material can provide information and inspiration for a wide range of persons interested in the Middle East in Sweden.