Ronny Berndtsson

Senior Researcher

I received my Ph.D. in water resources engineering from Lund University, Sweden, 1988, with  title:  Spatial hydrological processes in a water resources planning perspective: An investigation of rainfall and infiltration in Tunisia. At present I work mainly in collaboration projects regarding water resources development and management in the Middle East. During the last years I participated in two large EU-funded research projects in the Middle East: HYDROMED - Program of research on hill reservoirs in the semiarid Mediterranean and SOWAMED - Network for the exchange of methodologies and expertise on sustainable water management and land husbandry in the Mediterranean.

Current research

At present I participate in the research program Cooperation within the Middle East in the Contemporary World (MECW) for the sub-project Hydropolitics, security, and international law together with Department of Political Science, Lund University.

Other research projects I participate in are:

- Suez Canal University, Egypt, Pollution reduction in Cairo urban water system,

- Shiraz University, Iran, Artificial groundwater recharge in Southern Iran,

- Damascus University, Syria, Improved water management using modeling approach,

- Institut National de Recherche en génie rural,eaux et forêts, Tunisia, Erosion control to improve water management.


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  • Berndtsson, R., Bertacchi Uvo, C., Hansson, L.-A. & Khatami, S. (2014). Riseberga Restoration Project.
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+46 46 222 9672

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Finngatan 16
223 62 Lund

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(50% at Dept. of Water Resources Engineering)


Arid zone water management, Sustainability