Lina Eklund


Lina has a PhD in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis from Lund University. For her PhD Lina conducted research on the link between people and land in Iraqi Kurdistan. She used quantitative surveys together with satellite images and spatial analysis to outline the socio-economic and environmental effects of drought and conflict. Lina finished her PhD in 2015 with her dissertation “No Friends but the Mountains: Understanding Population Mobility and Land Dynamics in Iraqi Kurdistan”.

Lina’s current research is focused on land systems and conflict, and more specifically on the links between drought, land use change, and conflict in Syria and Iraq. Relying largely on satellite images, she investigates the severity of the drought in Syria and links it to land abandonment and migration. Furthermore, the project examines the effects of armed conflict on agricultural land use. Satellite images provide a quantitative perspective of the changes being reported by news outlets and international organizations. They can help us assess the situation on the ground, without needing to be present.

Other research interests are:

·        Environment and sustainable development in the Middle East

·        Urban and rural development

·        Accessibility and mobility related to infrastructure and other spatial planning issues

·        Scale and contextual knowledge

·        Scientific communication

Lina teaches basic and advanced courses in GIS and remote sensing, as well as courses on Water, Environment and Sustainability in on the Middle East.


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