Mohammed Saleh

Visiting Researcher

Mohammed Almahfali is working with a project entitled ”Research and Public Policy-making in the Arab World Program” (RAPP) including a number of activities. One of them is creating an annotated bibliography about human rights in Arabic world that show the development of the human rights movement in the Arab world and then preparing an analytical summary of the book in the Arabic language, and translate into English. In addition to this project Mohammed is making some research about the culture and literature and their relation to the political and social transformations in the Middle East.    

Mohammed has a Ph.D from Cairo University and was assistant professor in Arabic literature in Hadhramout University. He has published two books The first entitled: the Employment of Narrative in the Modern Arabic Poetry, and the second is: The Textual Transformation in The Modern Arabic Novels.
Published many research papers and articles in the journals, magazines, and newspapers in Yemen, Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Algeria and England about language, literature and culture. He has also written in many newspapers and websites about different topics, regarding Yemen and the Arabic world in general.


Books (3)
Articles (7)
Reviews (13)
Newspaper articles (54)

Photo: Håkan Röjder


Mohammed Saleh Ali Almahfali