Torsten Janson

Senior Researcher

Torsten received his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Lund University, Sweden, in 2003 with the publication of his dissertation Your Cradle Is Green: The Islamic Foundation and the Call to Islam in Children's Literature. He has been teaching Islamic and religious studies at Lund University; religion, education and cultural studies at Malmö University; and religious studies and education at Halmstad University. In 2010, he was recruited to establish the Lund University MA-program in Middle Eastern studies. Until 2014 he held the position of CMES Director of studies. Since 2014, he works on several research projects. Torsten retains his interest for Islamic education and the role of children’s literature in religious didactics. Another project concerns refugees and educational reform in the Middle East, with a focus on higher education among Palestinian young adults in Lebanon. He is also doing research on Turkish politics, with a focus on visual representations of religion and politics in public space, as well as on cultural production, youth and political contest in Lebanon. He is currently initiating an international research project on the state of the art of children’s literature in the Middle East. Torsten is frequently engaged as a public lecturer on Islamic studies, refugee studies, education and migration at various events and educations.

Research Interests

  • Migration, diasporization and experiences of European multiculturalism
  • Islamic education, Muslim religious pedagogics, transmission of tradition and mission (da'wa) to children
  • Children's religious identity
  • Religious commodification and entrepreneurship
  • New trends in Islamic imagery and popular visual culture in the Middle East
  • Visual politics in the Middle East
  • Refugee studies with a focus on Palestinian communities in Lebanon
  • Educational reform in the Middle East
  • Education and integration among migrant communities in Sweden
  • Religious secular education, didactics and teachers’ training in Sweden

Photo: Baraa Agy. Lunch break from English class at ULYP training campus outside Beirut in May 2017 transforms into selfie session.


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Istanbul Lecture Series 2013


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