Vittorio Felci


Vittorio Felci graduated in Political Science (2005) and obtained a second-level Master in Middle East Studies at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” (2007). He earned a Ph.D in  History of International Relations from the University of Florence (2011), with a dissertation on the impact of human rights on the Anglo-American approach towards Iran in the Seventies. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Modern World History and Mediterranean Studies of the University of Szeged (2011-2013), where he taught Cold War History to undergraduate students. He specializes in the US and UK involvement in the Middle East in the post-war era. His work gives particular attention to US-Iran and UK-Iran relations in the Cold War period and integrates the study of official diplomacy with societal dynamics. He has recently developed his previous research into a broader project which looks at the development of Iran's nuclear program through its connections with the West.


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  • Felci, V. (2011). Gli Stati Uniti, la Gran Bretagna e il processo di liberalizzazione iraniano, 1975-1977. Dissertation.
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  • Felci, V. (2012). The Saudi-Iranian Competition in Yemen. After the Yemeni Spring. A Survey on the Transition. Mimesis edizioni.
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Nuclear program of Iran: past and present.