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Our international MA program is the focus of CMES’ education work. The program takes an innovative approach to studying the Middle East and provides unique opportunities to students who want to pursue a career working in or with the Middle East. Beyond our MA program, we are developing a PhD program and will be periodically offering BA level courses. Read more under Master's studies.

Welcome to CMES Your Home Base for Academic Exploration

Sweden has a long tradition of working closely with the Middle East and North Africa in which the relationships have been founded upon mutual respect and dialogue. CMES is proud of this pluralistic and tolerant tradition and utilizes this paradigm in striving for a deeper, more perceptive understanding of the region. In effect, we strongly believe that Lund is an excellent location for academic research and exploration on the Middle East and North Africa.

As CMES continues to grow, we are constantly looking to cooperate with academic institutions, companies and governments to promote research on the Middle East and North Africa. We strongly believe that the best path to resolving the many problems within the region, appreciating everything it has to offer and living peacefully in a globalized world is through clear communication, cooperation and critical, perceptive understanding.


CMES is Unique
In summary, CMES is the nucleus of the proposed research and MA programs operating within its capacities as an area studies center. The aim is to develop an already existing infrastructure and create a vigorous and productive research environment that bolsters research and promotes new endeavors across disciplines. Most importantly, the objectives, structure and research focus of CMES is unique when compared to other Middle East centers internationally. This innovative approach toward Middle Eastern studies not only makes CMES stand out within the international academia but also allows Lund scholars to conduct research of critical importance both nationally and internationally.

We are personal
We are confident that the academic programs, client services, publications and organized events offered by CMES have unique attributes and expertise to meet your aspirations. We would encourage you to investigate further on our website or contact us directly. We would be more than happy to speak to you personally about your goals and how CMES can help you achieve them.