Crisis, Change and Continuity in a New Global Context: Re-conceptualising the Middle East and Beyond

Third Annual Masters students’ conference 2016

Over the course of the last decade, significant political, social and cultural changes have re-shaped regions, countries and communities around the world. Longstanding power structures have been challenged, and new opportunities for progressive change have emerged. Innovative thinking and transformative actions have been the driving force propelling global change forward. However, volatile social and political circumstances have also provoked old and new tensions that cross boundaries, borders, religions, and cultures. This conference wishes to explore issues relating to social change, social justice, ethnic and gender relations, religious identities, economic and political development, and trans-boundary relations.

Conference program

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08:30 Registration

09:00 The quest for autonomy and the challenge of social segregation.

10:00 War, weapons and inter-state relations.

10:30 Mediations of resistance in the middle east.

12:00 Break

13:00 State and society - Interaction and impact on everyday life.

13:30 Identity formation on the threshold of society.

14.00 Deliberations on Islam in the contemporary moment.

15:30 Key note speaker Dawn Chatty University of Oxford, Department of International Development speaking on “The Syrian Humanitarian Disaster: Sustainability of Containment in the Region of Conflict”


MA Conference 2016

Conference date: April 21, 2016

Venue: AF Borgen in Lund.


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Program with abstracts

Program 2016 (PDF)

The CMES invite all who are interested to attend the CMES master’s student conference.