Freestanding courses

Every year CMES offered courses to any student aspiring a deeper understanding of the political, social, cultural, economic and religious developments of the contemporary Middle East. These courses have a limited number of seats. To apply visit

Application period fall is mid-March to mid-April

Application period spring is mid-September to mid-October


Courses fall 2018

The Formation of Middle Eastern Modernities  (PDF)
course teacher Rola Dean.

Introduction to Middle Eastern Debates  (PDF)
course teacher Anders Ackfeldt.

Key Theories in Middle Eastern Studies  (PDF)
course teacher Umut Özkirimli.

Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East (PDF)

for more information Rola Dean.


Courses spring 2019

CMEN11: Environment and sustainable development in the Middle East, (PDF)

Course coordinator: Hussein Haschemi

CMEN13: Citizenship & Multiculturalism in Middle Eastern Societies (PDF),

Course coordinator: Umut Özkirimli

CMEN16: Political Economy and Development in the Middle East (PDF),

Course coordinator: Darcy Thompson

More courses will be announced