Freestanding courses

Every spring CMES offered courses to any student aspiring a deeper understanding of the political, social, cultural, economic and religious developments of the contemporary Middle East. These courses have a limited number of seats. Bellow is a list of courses offered spring 2018. To apply visit

Application period mid-September to mid-October



CMEN11: Environment and sustainable development in the Middle East (PDF),

Course coordinator: Hussein Haschemi

CMEN12: Islam from a Religion, Cultural and Political Perspective (PDF),

Coordinators Anders Ackfeldt

CMEN13: Citizenship & Multiculturalism in Middle Eastern Societies (PDF),

Course coordinator: Umut Özkirimli

CMEN16: Political Economy and Development in the Middle East,

Course coordinator: Darcy Thompson

CMEN15: Perceptions and Politics of Migration, Asylum and Integration (PDF),

Course coordinator: Torsten Janson