About CMES

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) was founded in 2007 to support, coordinate and expand research at Lund University (LU) on the Middle East. These efforts will encourage and produce research with a more innovative, critical and multidisciplinary approach towards Middle Eastern studies. Research on the Middle East and Semitic languages has existed at Lund since it was founded in 1666. Over the last three decades, research on the region has developed significantly within the faculties of Social Science, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Engineering, and is now a priority of the university administration. 

Research on the Middle East has also become a strong priority for the Swedish Government. Through the Swedish Research Council, the Government recently awarded CMES with substantial research funding to create a strategic research area titled “The Middle East in the Contemporary World” or MECW. This funding, allocated over a period of five years, is the backbone of the center’s research and our platform for engagement with the international community.

The goal at CMES is to produce research and education at the highest international level. However we also believe that our research is vital for individuals working in or with the Middle East, the center is investing in developing innovative means of communication that will allow us to frequently and effectively work with the business sector, state institutions and organizations, NGOs and others that can benefit from our knowledge. While the imperative of providing new ideas and understandings of the Middle East is clear, the center’s innovative outreach programs allow us to contribute our knowledge, experience and networks to the rest of the world.

In the fall of 2010 we started a new MA program. What is truly unique about education at CMES is its pursuit of an atmosphere and structure that focuses on mentorship, openness and personal development. We strive to take a more comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to education and research on the region. Students are considered an important part of our environment and are given several opportunities to work closely with scholars in different research projects. Our courses are also available as freestanding courses to other students in the university, allowing them to learn more about the contemporary Middle East.

Each semester we host public events, including talks, lectures, and seminars, providing a platform for discussion of the issues affecting the contemporary Middle East. We invite renowned scholars from around the world to discuss their research, as well as encouraging our own researchers to present their work.

The warmest welcome to Lund.