Arabic Language and Culture

Arabic at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University

Arabic is the language of the Qurʾān, the sacred book of Islam, and the religious language of all Muslims. 

Arabic is spoken by about 313 million people across the world, making it the fifth most-spoken language globally behind Mandarin, Spanish, English and Hindi.

 Learning Arabic is not just about language, but very much a question of understanding culture and becoming acquainted with shared reference points in Arabic societies.

This is why cultural training and activities outside the classroom are a central aspect of the Arabic courses at CMES.

The Graduate School Faculty of Social Sciences/ CMES Center for Middle Eastern Studies offer courses in Arabic language and culture, aiming to develop language competence and cultural knowledge for students who are interested in The Middle East, Arabic language and Arabic culture.

Levels are available from beginner to advanced. Students who have previous knowledge of Arabic will take a placement test, and those who have not studied Arabic before will start as beginners.


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