Field Course (15.0 credits)

An essential component of writing a thesis is the collection of data. Data collection, and the drafting of an initial report, are the purposes of the Field Course (CMEN04).

This course can either be conducted as an internship, or independent field work, in or about the Middle East. The topic should be related to the student's research interest in consultation with the appointed advisor.

An internship can be chosen if it facilitates access to field work and data collection. Methodological and theoretical approaches acquired during coursework should be appropriately applied during fieldwork. The student shall demonstrate the ability to write a report about the internship or field work. The student is expected to provide a critical assessment of their selected methodology, and a critical reflection of their social positionality.

The course may be taken during a part of, or the duration of an entire semester. The entirety of the coursework must amount to 8-10 weeks of full time work (40 hours/week). If taken on half-time the student shall devote 16-20 hours/week for 20 weeks. 

Course co-ordinator

This course is organised with individual supervisors 

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