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Swedish Iraqi Studies Network (SISNET)

SISNET is an interdisciplinary network promoting research and education, as well as disseminating information about Iraqi society and culture.
The Swedish Iraqi Studies Network SISNET was established on May 8, 2019 and is based at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies CMES at Lund University, and is managed jointly by Professor Dr. Sameer Algburi (founder) and Professor Ronny Berndtsson, CMES director.


The network seeks to provide support to the researchers in Iraqi affairs throughout the world in facilitating their research and studies in obtaining resources, instructions, directives and other facilities, and holding conferences, workshops and lectures in the areas of society, education, health, climate, history, politics, and Migration, economics, and supporting the efforts of Iraqi universities.


An international cultural scientific project that brings together all researchers interested in Iraqi affairs in all fields of science and humanity.


Promoting the educational process in Iraqi universities and raising the scientific level within the framework of formal agreements with the universities that include projects, studies, research, joint supervision opportunities and holding of conferences, workshops and capacity building courses.


1. Spreading knowledge about the civilization of Iraq.
2. Rehabilitation of the staff in Iraqi universities and raising scientific and cultural levels in various fields of the required labor.
3. Developing the creative and innovative skills of the Iraqi researchers through the proposed training programs in accordance with the requirements.

To organize the work mechanism of the Swedish-Iraqi Studies Network, several MoUs have been signed with the universities inside and outside Iraq such as the University of the Al-Kitab, Tikrit, Koya, Zakho, Mosul, Northern Technology and Jadara University, Jordan.

The Network administration:

A. Network Directors: Prof. Dr. Sameer Algburi (founder), Prof. Ronny Berndtsson (joint coordinators)
B. Management Board
1.    Dr. Rola El-Husseini Lund University, Sweden
2.    Dr. Spyros Sofos, Lund University, Sweden
3.    Dr. Manal Al-Sammak, University of Mosul  Iraq, Founding & Member
4.    Dr. Nada Abdullah Alobedi, Arab University in Denmark, SISNET External Relations Officer
C. Advisory Board
1.    Dr. Aziz Ibrahim, Tikrit University, Iraq
2.    Dr. Haider Khalil Essa, Al-Kitab University Iraq
3.    Dr. Dalia Abdel Hady, Lund University, Sweden
4.    D. Mohammad Aljaradin, Lund University, Sweden
5.    Dr. Naseem Salim Abdel University of Zakho, Lund University, Sweden

D: Communications and Media 
1.    Maria Loffstedt, Lund University, Sweden, Center for Middle Eastern Communication Officer
2.    Bilal Tawfiq, Mosul University, Network Communications and Media Officer


Swedish Iraqi Studies Network (SISNET)
c/o CMES, Lund University Box 201, 221 00, Lund, Sweden
E-mail: spyros [dot] sofos [at] cme [dot] lu [dot] se (Spyros Sofos)


Page Manager:

World Environment Day June 5 2020

Friday the 5th of June, the network organizes two symposia on World Environment Day in two universities in Iraq.

There will also be two sessions in the management of scientific journals in two universities in Iraq.

"This World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature"
"This World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature"

First anniversary of the network’s launch

On Sunday 31 May, the Swedish Iraqi Studies Network celebrated the first anniversary of the network’s launch from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University.

The ceremony was attended by presidents of partner universities with the network and heads of research teams and researchers and a large number of academics in universities in Iraq, in addition to the President of the University of Jadara in Jordan and President of the International Friendship Organization.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates of appreciation were granted to the university presidents, heads of research teams in the network, and to graduates who obtained top ranks in the courses held by the network in Iraqi universities.

Swedish Iraqi Studies Network
Swedish Iraqi Studies Network

Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Lund University
Box 201, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Visiting adress: Finngatan 16
Phone: +46 (0)46 222 00 00 (pbx)
maria [dot] lofstedt [at] cme [dot] lu [dot] se