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Middle East Forum Newsletter #9 March, 2020
Middle Eastern research news from Lund University. Words from the director: The covid-19 will ...

CMES Anders Ackfeldt new editor of the journal CyberOrient
CyberOrient welcomes Anders Ackfeldt at Lund University in Sweden as a new Managing Editor along ...

CMES affiliated researchers launch climate research project in Sudan
In January-February 2020, three researchers affiliated with CMES travelled to Khartoum, Sudan for ...

NEW BOOK "Refugees and the violence of welfare bureaucracies in Northern Europe" Edited by CMES Dalia Abdelhady and others
This book analyses the tensions that emerge within strong welfare states when faced with large ...

Political exigency or religious affinity? Sectarianism in the contemporary Arab world - new article by CMES Rola El-Husseini
The rise of sectarianism in the Middle East and North Africa after the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq ...

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