Media coverage of the Syrian crisis

Madeleine Kassab
Madeleine Kassab

Congratulations to CMES affiliated Madeleine Kassab for successfully defending her PhD thesis on "Media Coverage of the Syrian Crisis"!

The Syrian crisis is characterized by the intertwining of factors and variables at the local, regional and global levels.

The geopolitical importance of Syria and the positions of the Syrian government on many issues, most notably the Arab-Israeli conflict and the support of the “Resistance” in Palestine and Lebanon, radically divided the Syrian society and the Arab media into supporters and opponents of the Syrian government and created contrasting mental images of the Syrian crisis.

Media not only transmit events but contribute to their creation as well. Media contents are formulated according to the desires and tendencies of the sender so that the recipients get mental images of the facts that make them adopt ideas and behaviors consistent with the propagandists’ objectives.

For many, the media are the basic source of information and consequently they are the creator of thoughts and attitudes.

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