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Muslims in Sweden, Protests and Inclusivity

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CMES researcher Oliver Scharbrodt has been interviewed in Swedish journal Dagen about the Muslim minority in Sweden, protests and inclusive space.

The article "Islamolog: Korankrisen är Sveriges 'Satansverserna'" (English translation: "Islamologist: The Qur'an Crisis is Sweden's 'The Satanic Verses'"), written by Jonathan Newton, was published online on 31 July 2023 in Dagen. Below are som excerpts from the article translated into English.

Read the article in Swedish

Islamologist Oliver Scharbrodt argues that Sweden is currently going through the same kind of crisis that Britain did in the 1980s, when author Salman Rushdie's novel The Satanic Verses led to violent protests. He believes that the result will be an increased understanding of what can offend others. 

– This is a similar kind of occasion, when the state and society have to ask themselves how we should associate with minorities.

The strong reactions that have come in the wake of the Qur'an burnings have as much to do with the fact that the Muslim minority in Sweden feels pressured in general, as with purely religious feelings, says Oliver Scharbrodt. What is happening now, he believes, is that all of this is coming to the surface.

– You can expect that Islam will become more visible, and that Muslims will demand greater recognition. Society is given a greater responsibility to ensure it is inclusive.

Oliver Scharbrodt's research profile