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Obstacles in Distance Learning and Applying Electronic Exams during COVID-19 - new CMES research

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This study identifies obstacles and barriers in distance learning and the use of electronic exams, comparing them to pursue success in the distance education system during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

It also aimed to determine the similarity and differences between the two main components of distance education. This is based on a sample of evaluations from professors and students at universities in the Arab world, i.e., Algerian, Egyptian, Iraqi, and Palestinian universities.

We used a descriptive approach using questionnaires (open question) with conveniently selected samples from two different groups: (1) 400 professors and student’s feedback from 600 distributed (i.e., Algerian, Egyptian, Palestinian, and Iraqi) and (2) 152 professors and student’s feedback from 300 distributed (i.e., Palestinian universities in the governorates of Gaza).

The results indicated that professors and students faced 27 barriers in both distance learning and electronic exams, which are divided into four groups (categories) according to the sample. Recommendations to understand and overcome these obstacles will also be presented to improve distance learning and e-exams in the future. It is important to coordinate efforts in the development of distance education, especially concerning universities using distance learning and e-exams.

Obstacle Comparisons to Achieving Distance Learning and Applying Electronic Exams during COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash