Visiting research program


CMES regularly welcomes academic visitors every year and, to this end, has in place a visiting scholar scheme that ensures that visiting researchers become integrated to the research, educational and academic service activities of our Center and make best use of the facilities offered during their stay.


Welcome to CMES at Finngatan 16 in central Lund!
Welcome to CMES at Finngatan 16 in central Lund!
Welcome to CMES at Finngatan 16 in central Lund!

We believe that hosting visiting researchers can foster links and cooperation between scholars at Lund and other Universities, enhance intellectual cross-fertilization and exchange of ideas and we are committed to being an, open, globally oriented and internationally connected institution.

Two types of visiting researchers

We are able to accept two types of visiting researchers:

  • Visiting scholars (those who are normally research active academic staff at other institutions)
  • Doctoral researchers visiting Lund (who are normally registered as doctoral students at another institution)

CMES will provide


  • a host who will give you with academic and practical support and can put you in touch with Lund University accommodation services
  • office space and access to email and library and research support facilities

As a visiting scholar in Lund, you will be expected to make a presentation of your research and you will be encouraged to fully benefit from the academic environment at CMES. And, more broadly, you will have access to the University by participating in discussions, workshops and other activities relevant to your research, and, possibly, contribute a working paper as a minimum.

Visiting scholars are also asked to acknowledge their affiliation to CMES in publications and other output produced as a result of their stay at Lund.

CMES can not provide funds to support your stay

Please note that CMES is unable to provide funds to support your stay in Sweden and, we would therefore urge you to obtain sufficient funds from your university or other sources.

Application six month before start

You can normally visit the Center for Middle Eastern Studies between either August and January or January and June every year and your application should normally reach us at least six months before the intended start of your visit in order to allow sufficient time for evaluation of your plans, and your academic visitor visa application, as well as allocating office space and relevant facilities to you.


Should you require further information or need to discuss a potential visit please contact us.

How to apply

We welcome applications from scholars who wish to spend a period of three to six months at the Center in order to complete research projects.

If you would like to visit our Center you would need to:

1.    Identify a member of staff who is willing to act as your academic host during your visit to CMES (Please see our list of researchers here). If your preferred host is unable to support your visit, contact the Center research coordinator for advice.

2.    Send a visitor application form

·       a clear research proposal, providing the name of the person that will act as your liaison/host at Lund, outlining your plan for your time at Lund (and note, if you intend to work on a collaborative project you will need to start this process as early as possible before you arrive). This should provide information on your planned project, on why your visit to CMES would be beneficial, how it links with one or more of our strategic research area key themes (please see here for more information) and identify the outputs you envisage your stay in Lund to generate.

·       A current CV.

·       Information of how you intend to fund your visit.

·       If you are a doctoral student, a letter from your home institution, confirming approval of your proposed visit to CMES and the names and contact details of two referees that can comment on your academic standing and the quality of your project.