Spring 2020

  • June 12, 2020 12-13

Resilience in Urban Sudan

This seminar aims to provide an overview of a VR-funded research project Resilience in Urban Sudan (RUS): An Interdisciplinary Spatial and Temporal Study of Social Cohesion and Resilience to tackle the consequences of Climate and Environmental Change in Urban Khartoum.

  • May 27, 2020 12-13

CMES researcher Mohammed Almahfali, will talk about this from the book that range from a number of historical sources such as books and scientific research, as well as a number of reports published by international and local organizations concerned with defending minorities and fighting for their rights. 

  • May 20, 2020 12-13

Gaza visit June 2019 - Water challenges and related projects in Rafah municipality (online)
CMES researchers Helen Avery and Raed Bashitialshaaer will talk about their experiences and research from Gaza strip.

  • April 1, at 16-17 30 

Seminar on Al-Qaeda and IS in South Asia POSTPONED

  • April 2, at 12-13

How sustainable are projects? Who are they sustainable for? What is sustainability? POSTPONED

  • April 2, at 16- 17 30

Trajectories of change: Muslim Brotherhood after 2013 POSTPONED


  • March 18, at 15-18

A Panel Discussion: Raison d'État in the “New” Turkey POSTPONED


  • Feb 12, at 16-17

Documenting Syria; Revolution, Filmmaking and Video Activism - book talk by Joshka Wessels

  • Feb 4, at 12-13

Natives’ Use of Urban Public Spaces following Large Refugee Influx: A Concept Development