12th November - 16th November 2018

Hamideh Kazemi presenting her research to a crowded seminar room in Finngatan 16

12th November - 16th November, 2018

On Tuesday 13th at 12:00, Visiting Research Fellow Katrine Scott, Department of Gender Studies Lund University, gave a lecture entitled "Temporalities of Middle-Classness in between Peace and War - University Students in Iraqi Kurdistan". This talk focused on temporalities of middle-classness among university students in urban Iraqi Kurdistan. Drawing on ethnographic research in the city of Sulaimani, in the relatively peaceful moment of 2012, the talk grasps the ambivalent position of young adult university students at the crossroads between their memories of war and political conflict and their dreams of a peaceful and successful middle-class future. For more information see the Facebook event here.

On Wednesday 14th at 12:00, Visiting Research Fellow Sabah Ghandour, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Balamand in Lebanon, presented her paper "Literary commitment in Elias Khoury's The Broken Mirrors: Sinalcol". Her paper investigates the notion of committed literature, and suggests that Khoury's novel through dealing with taboo topics in Arabic literature can be considered a different type of committed literature than the one proposed by earlier generations of writers who followed the dogma of Jean Paul Sartre. For more information see the Facebook event here.

Last week at CMES (5th November - 9th November)

On Wednesday 7th at 12:00 Visiting Research Fellow Hamideh Kazemi, School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University, Australia, presented "Rivers in Iran - Climate Change and Human Impact", discussing the impacts of climate change and human activities on streamflow variation in several rivers in Iran.

Also on Wednesday 7th, CMES co-hosted a panel discussion Yemen: Water and Tribes as Problems and Solutions along with UPF LundRola El-Husseini chaired the panel with three discussants:

Daniel Martin Varisco is an anthropologist and historian with experience in Yemen over four decades as an ethnographer of highland water use in North Yemen.
Dr. Najwa Adra is a cultural anthropologist with over 30 years of field research and experience in international development in Yemen.
Hana al-Khamri is a journalist with extensive experience commenting and writing about political, conflict & security, culture, feminism and civil society issues on Yemen and Saudi Arabia for Swedish, Danish and Arab Press.

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