5th November - 9th November 2018

5th November - 9th November, 2018

This week CMES is hosting two public events.

  1. On Wednesday 7th at 12:00 Visiting Research Fellow Hamideh Kazemi, School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University, Australia, will be giving a talk "Rivers in Iran - Climate Change and Human Impact". The lecturer will discuss impacts of climate change and human activities on streamflow variation in several rivers in Iran. Which are the determining the dominant factors affecting the streamflow? What management plans are needed based on the outcome of the research? For more information see the Facebook event here.

  2. Also on Wednesday 7th, CMES will co-host a panel discussion Yemen: Water and Tribes as Problems and Solutions along with UPF Lund. Rola El-Husseini will chair the panel with three discussants:
    Daniel Martin Varisco is an anthropologist and historian with experience in Yemen over four decades as an ethnographer of highland water use in North Yemen.
    Dr. Najwa Adra is a cultural anthropologist with over 30 years of field research and experience in international development in Yemen.
    Hana al-Khamri is a journalist with extensive experience commenting and writing about political, conflict & security, culture, feminism and civil society issues on Yemen and Saudi Arabia for Swedish, Danish and Arab Press.
    The panel will take place at 19:00 at Palaestra et Odeum. For more information see the Facebook event here.

Last week at CMES (29th October - 2nd November)

CMES Researcher Mohammed Almahfali took part in a panel discussion, "Freedom of the Press and Safety" in Lebanon hosted by MAP Media Association for Peace. Almahfali addressed the freedom of the press in Yemen and its commitment to human rights principles. He discussed reports issued by international and local organisations regarding the protection of journalists. Also, he discussed how journalists can adhere to professional standards and human rights principles and contribute to peacebuilding in Yemen.

Associate Professor Maria Malmström gave two talks in Barcelona and London. In Barcelona, she presented her paper "Body, Matter, Cityscape as One: Love of the Motherland and Loss of Its Meaning". In London she gave a talk at the Aga Khan University entitled "Navigating the Ocean of Suspicion: Affective Politics and Materiality".

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