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Mattias Kärrholm


Profile photo of Mattias Kärrholm

Changing borders of control and publicness : A study of a Swedish housing area in Lund 1970-2015.


  • Mattias Kärrholm

Summary, in English

In this article, I investigate the slowly changing territorial landscape of a seemingly typical Swedish Million program housing area (from the record years 1961-1975), Norra Fäladen in Lund. The area has, through the decades, been subject to a slow, but steady gentrification and densification including a decrease in rental housing and the building on former park areas. Through the decades we have also witnessed a polarization with the introduction of, on the one hand, new areas of large villas, and, on the other, areas of very small student apartments (some of only 8 sqm). These changes seem to have affected the relation between public and private spaces, but also differentiated the inhabitants’ dependence on the existing (but now decreasing) public spaces within the area. Building on the case of Norra Fäladen, the article then goes on to suggests and develop a discourse on changing territorial production as related to public space dependency.


  • Department of Architecture and Built Environment

Publishing year




Document type

Conference paper: abstract


  • Human Geography


  • borders
  • housing areas
  • public space

Conference name

Geographical imagination

Conference date

2016-06-15 - 2016-06-19

Conference place

Tallinn, Estonia




  • CRitical Urban Sustainability Hub (FORMAS Strong Research Environment)