Spyros A. Sofos

Research Coordinator - Researcher

Spyros joined CMES in September 2012.

Spyros is the CMES Research Coordinator, liaising with the University’s Research Service, providing support to researchers at CMES, identifying funding opportunities and working on the development of university, national and international collaboration in research and research-related activities.

He is also coordinating a project on Democratic Dialogue in Turkish Society, sponsored and funded by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Istanbul and is the editor/coordinator of openDemocracy’s #rethinkingpopulism project.

He has been teaching MA courses on Politics and International Relations in the Middle EastDictatorship, Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle EastDiscourses and Debates on the Middle East and coordinating War, Peace and Security in the Middle East. He has also taught undergraduate courses on Middle Eastern PoliticsRegional Security in the Middle East, Introduction to the Middle EastKurdish Societies and Politics and Contemporary Turkish Politics. In addition to teaching and supervising MA Dissertations in Middle Eastern and in European Studies.

He has previously been a Senior Research Fellow in International Politics at the Helen Bamber Centre for the Study of Rights, Conflict and Mass Violence of Kingston University, a Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in International Politics at Portsmouth University. He has also been Visiting Lecturer on Conflict Analysis, Nationalism and Human Rights at the University of Siena (MA in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action), on Nationalism and Multiculturalism at Tartu University, Visiting Professor at the Sts Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje and on Southeastern European Politics at the University of Oxford and Istanbul Bilgi University, as well as a NATO Research Fellow.

Spyros has launched and directed Kingston’s MSc in International Conflict, taught extensively at postgraduate and undergraduate levels and has supervised and seen to completion several doctoral projects. He has examined doctoral dissertations at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Kingston University, Loughborough University and the University of Wales.

He has been a founding member and part of the management group of the Centre for European and International Studies Research of Portsmouth University and of the Helen Bamber Centre for the Study of Rights, Conflict and Mass Violence of Kingston University as well as director of the Mediterranean Studies Group of Portsmouth University.

His research interests include the study of social identities, collective action, conflict and conflict transformation, insecurity and populism - his current work focuses on Muslim communities in Europe, a comparison of contentious politics in Europe and the Middle East, the mediation of Jihad, the ‘social construction’ of the Islamic State (IS) and the lived experience of politics in Turkey.

He is member of the advisory board of Transconflict, a conflict transformation NGO. He has been a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Area StudiesMediterranean Politics and the Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans and is editor of the Journal of Contemporary European Studies. He has also been editor of the ‘Islam and Nationalism’ Palgrave Macmillan book series between 2013 and 2018.




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Identity, conflict, collective action, social movements, populism, radicalization