Affiliated Researchers

Stefano Bigliardi

Keywords: Islam and science; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Religion; Religion and Science; Forms of Theism and Atheism

Barzoo Eliassi

Keywords: Nationalism; Kurdistan; Identity

Eda Farsakoglu

Keywords: Turkey; migrations and mobilities in the Middle East; queer/feminist theory and methodology; critical migration, refugee and citizenship studies

Vittorio Felci

Keywords: West and Iran; Nuclear Program; International Relations

Laleh Foroughanfar

Keywords: Public space; territoriality; everyday life; marginalization and spatial segregation; migration

Mo Hamza

Keywords: Climate change; migration; adaptation; capacity development; aid effectiveness

Kholoud Mansour

Keywords: Refugees; human trafficking; resettlement programs

Ali Mansourian

Keywords: GIS; SDI; Web GIS; spatial epidemiology; health; disaster management; urban planning; environment management

Mehran Naseri Rad

Keywords: Pollution; Groundwater; Modelling; Environment

Marta Kolakiewicz

Keywords: Anti-Muslim racism; Islamophobia; Sweden; justice; judiciary

Khaldoon Mourad

Keywords: Water engineering; conflict resolution; sustainability; Africa; Syria

Petter Pilesjö

Keywords: GIS; environment; health studies; Iraq

Maria Småberg

Keywords: Humanitarianism; peace-building; gender; mission history; Armenian genocide; Israel/Palestine

Lisa Strömbom

Keywords: International Relations; Identity Conflicts; Nationalism; Divided Cities; Israel/Palestine; Jerusalem

Joshka Wessels

Keywords: Syria; Syrian Refugees; Film and Video Activism in Syria; Peace & Conflict Studies; Hydropolitics in the Levant; Environmental Peacebuilding; Human Ecology; Traditional Water Management; Qanats