Olof Heilo

Affiliated researcher and teacher

Born in 1982. Studies in Ancient Greek and Arabic at the University of Lund and Farsi at the University of Copenhagen 2001-2005. Frequent travels in the Eastern Mediterranean; recurring seminar participant, collegium member and scholarship holder at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul since 2004. PhD from the University of Vienna in 2010, teacher at the CMES in Lund and researcher based in Vienna (Institute of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies) from 2012.

Tracing my interest in Modern European history back to the Classical and Islamic worlds, my dissertation came to focus upon the convergence of the two latter in the Middle Byzantine and Early Islamic period. I am working with history both as a field of studies in itself and as a narrative instrument in the formation of modern and pre-modern identities.

Key concepts: History, Identity, Modernity, Middle East

Area of Expertise

Eastern or Orthodox Christian and Islamic history, Balkan or Eastern Europe/Eastern Mediterranean history, Byzantine and Ottoman history, late Roman or early medieval/early modern or modern history.