Guest Researchers

Sameer Algburi

Keywords: Al-Kitab University, Lund University, Climate Change, Hydropower, Renewable Resources

Fanny Christou

Keywords: Migration; Palestine; Diaspora; Conflict; Political Mobilisation; Integration

Sabah Ghandour

Keywords: Postcolonial Literature; Literary Theory; Lebanese Literature; Feminist and Gender Studies

Nisa Göksel

Keywords: Gender; war; feminist and women’s movements in the Middle East; migration and displacement

Seyyed Hasan Hosseini

Keywords: Water and climate; Adaptation to climate change; Decision Support Systems (DSS); Weather radar; Satellite image processing

Cherine Hussein

Keywords: Theories of social transformation; International Relations of the Middle East; Counterhegemony; Decolonial knowledge/power; Organic Intellectuals

Hamideh Kazemi

Keywords: Water resources; Climate change; Hydrology; Optimization

Martina Koegeler-Abdi

Keywords: Arab American History, Ethnic and Gender Studies, Cultural Representations, Multi-ethnic Literature

Amy Lutz

Keywords: Children of immigrants; Education; Racial-Ethnic Inequality

Fadia Fatemeh Maghsood

Keywords: Climate Change; Flood; Hydrological Modelling; Drought; Satellite-based Precipitation

Sami Ofeish

Keywords: Lebanon; Arab World; Middle East; Sectarianism; ethnicity; citizenship; Change; Elections; human rights; Arab Uprisings; gender

Philip Proudfoot

Keywords: Migration; Masculinity; Civil War; New Technology; Political Anthropology

Katrine Scott

Keywords: Narratives; temporality; representation

Nazanin Shahrokni

Keywords: Gender; Ethnographies of the State; Urban Governance; Geographies of Exclusion