Alireza Motevalli

Alireza Motevalli (Born: Mar  22, 1989) is a PhD student in the Department of Watershed Management Engineering, faculty of Natural Resources, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran.

Alireza started his PhD course in 2015 at Tarbiat Modares University (TMU). Before becoming a PhD student, he became a Masters student at Yazd University in 2013. Now he is a visiting researcher at CMES. 

The quantity-quality of aquifers in coastal regions has critical conditions in some part of the world and they are really in needs to be assessed with vulnerability and risk indices to salinity. Alireza´s research interest is  hydrogeology, groundwater modeling and simulation, vulnerability and risk assessment of coastal aquifer in order to mitigate the groundwater salinity using soft desalination approaches. 

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Climate Change; Aquifers in coastal regions; Hydrogeology; Groundwater Modelling and Simulation; Groundwater Salinity; Desalination