Dalia Abdelhady

Keywords: Diaspora, globalization, Syrian refugees, integration, second generation, cultural expression, gender

Anders Ackfeldt

Keywords: Theories in Islamic Studies, Music, Popular Culture, African American Islam, and Islam in Sweden.

Mohammed Almahfali

Keywords: Arabic Literature, Yemen, Literature Sociology, Human Rights in Arab World

Helen Avery

Keywords: Capacity-building in higher education, creativity, sustainability transitions, systemic design, refugee education.

Ronny Berndtsson

Keywords: Arid zone water management, Sustainability

Pinar Dinc

Keywords: Nationalism, collective identity, conflict, diaspora, Turkey and Kurds.

Lina Eklund

On Leave

Keywords: Land use, conflict, remote sensing, GIS, science communication

Rola El-Husseini

Keywords: Lebanon, Hezbollah, Gender and politics, Arab world, Sectarianism

Hossein Hashemi

Keywords: Groundwater hydrology and management, Water harvesting systems, Remote sensing of precipitation and land surface deformation, Climate change

Torsten Janson

Keywords: Islam and Muslim minorities, Education, Children’s literatur, Palestinians in Lebanon, Turkish Islamism

Martin Joormann

Keywords: Seeking asylum, Northern Europe, bureaucratization

Mark LeVine

Keywords: Africa and Islam in the modern and contemporary periods; Palestine/Israel; cultural production, revolution and resistance in the Middle East and Africa; modern and contemporary Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco

Svante Lundgren

Keywords: Christian communities in the Middle East, Armenians, Assyrians,
Diaspora, Christian-Muslim relations

Maria Frederika Malmström

Keywords: materiality, affect, suspicion, bodies, politics

Spyros A. Sofos

Keywords: Identity, conflict, collective action, social movements, populism, radicalization

Leif Stenberg

On Leave

Keywords: Islam, Muslims, modern science, Islamism and Sufism

Darcy Thompson


Umut Ozkirimli

On Leave

Keywords: Nationalism, Multiculturalism, Identity Politics; Turkey, the Kurds in Turkey