Dalia Abdelhady

Keywords: Diaspora; Globalisation; Syrian Refugees; Integration; Second Generation; Cultural Expression; Gender

Anders Ackfeldt

Keywords: Theories in Islamic Studies; Music; Popular Culture; African American Islam; Islam in Sweden

Mohammed Almahfali

Keywords: Yemen; Human Rights in the Arab World; Capacity-building in Higher Education; Sustainable and Equitable Post-conflict Recovery

Dan-Erik Andersson

Keywords: Alcohol; Football; Immigration; Migration; Unaccompanied Minors

Helen Avery

Keywords: Sustainability Transitions; Post-conflict Development; Systemic Design; Participatory and Future-oriented Methodologies; Capacity-building in Higher Education

Ronny Berndtsson

Keywords: Arid Zone Water Management; Sustainability

Pinar Dinc

Keywords: Nationalism; Collective Identity; Conflict; Diaspora; Turkey and Kurds

Lina Eklund

Keywords: Land Use; Conflict; Remote Sensing; GIS; Science Communication

Rola El-Husseini

Keywords: Lebanon; Hezbollah; Gender and politics; Arab world; Sectarianism

Hossein Hashemi

Keywords: Groundwater Hydrology; Water Harvesting Systems; Remote Sensing of Precipitation and Land Surface Deformation; Climate Change

Hasan Hosseini

Keywords: Water-food-energy-ecosystem nexus; System dynamics; Decision support system; Weather radar; Urban hydrology; Satellite; Image processing; GIS; MATLAB; programming

Torsten Janson

Keywords: Islam and Muslim minorities; Education; Children’s literature; Palestinians in Lebanon; Turkish Islamism

Martin Joormann

Keywords: Seeking asylum; Northern Europe; Bureaucratisation

Mark LeVine

Keywords: Africa and Islam; Palestine/Israel; Cultural Production; Revolution and Resistance in the Middle East and Africa

Svante Lundgren

Keywords: Christian communities in the Middle East, Armenians, Assyrians; Diaspora; Christian-Muslim relations

Maria Frederika Malmström

Keywords: Materiality; Affect; Suspicion; Bodies; Politics

Seyed Amir Naghibi

Keywords: Hydrogeology; Programming; Remote sensing; Machine learning; Natural hazards

Spyros A. Sofos

Keywords: Identity; Conflict; Collective Action; Social Movements; Populism; Radicalisation

Darcy Thompson

Keywords: Political Economy; Development; Democratisation