Darcy Thompson

I have been employed at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies primarily in a teaching capacity since 2014. She has taught a wide range of Middle East related courses within the CMES master's programme, as well as in the Middle East Studies bachelor's programme offered at the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL).

 My research interests include international development efforts in the MENA region, looking specifically at the interplay between policy and practice. In particular, I study how various types of development cooperation policies - democracy promotion and natural resource management policies in particular - are interpreted and translated into efforts 'on the ground' by actors at different levels of the funding receiving chain. I have focused on Scandinavian as well as European Union development policies to the Middle East in various capacities. 

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Visiting address

Finngatan 16
223 62 Lund

Visiting hours

By appointment.


Political Economy; Development; Democratisation