Hasan Hosseini

PhD Candidate, Researcher

Hasan is a PhD candidate in Water Resources Engineering at Lund University. He works partly at CMES and partly at TVRL. His research at CMES involves environmental and sustainable development area within the MECW project.

Current work by Hasan concerns water management using reservoirs under the uncertainty of hydro-meteorological predictions. Using creative and system thinking to develop decision support systems for any water-related complex that its management could be problematic subject to the variability of rainfall, runoff, or evaporation is potentially a subject of interest for Hasan.

His case studies are basically in Iran and Sweden. During 2018-2019, he was a guest researcher at Lund University. Ground validation of satellite rainfall over Iran, dust sources identification in Lake Urmia, and evaluation of a new weather radar in Sweden were among the projects he involved at that time. Before joining Lund University, Hasan was a researcher at Iran Water Resources Management Company (2015-2017). He has completed several research projects with Zanjan and East-Azerbaijan regional water companies in Iran as well (2012-2015).

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Finngatan 16
223 62 Lund

Visiting hours

By appointment


Water-food-energy-ecosystem nexus; System dynamics; Decision support system; Weather radar; Urban hydrology; Satellite; Image processing; GIS; MATLAB; programming