Lina Eklund


Lina has a PhD in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis from Lund University. Her current research is focused on land systems and conflict, more specifically on the links between drought, land use change, and conflict in Syria and Ira

Previous Teaching

MOSN06 Environment and sustainable development in the Middle East


Books (1)
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  • Eklund, L. (2017). Drought Not the Only Environmental Problem in Syria Before 2011. SyriaUntold.
  • Eklund, L. (2017). Feeding the Caliphate? Agricultural Activity in ISIS Zones of Iraq and Syria.
  • Eklund, L. (2016). On virtual water and food security in the Middle East and beyond. Your Middle East.
  • Eklund, L. (2015). A brief guide to Climate Change, COP21 and the Middle East. Your Middle East.


+46 46 222 9609

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Lina Eklund

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Finngatan 16
223 62 Lund

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Land use, conflict, remote sensing, GIS, science communication

Research Area

Environment and Sustainable Development in the Middle East