Rola El-Husseini

Associate Professor, Director of Studies

Rola El-Husseini is an associate professor with the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University. She has previously held positions at Yale University, Texas A&M University, and the Graduate Centre of the City University of New York. Her first book Pax Syriana: Elite Politics in Postwar Lebanon was published by Syracuse University Press in 2012. The book which was based on extensive fieldwork, analysed power-sharing in the Lebanese political system in the post-civil-war period (1989–2005), and examined the role of Syrian hegemony in underpinning the stability of the Lebanese state.

She has also published on the Lebanese Hezbollah, on Arab Shi‘ism and Iran, and is currently preparing an edited volume on Lebanese Shi‘ism.  Rola is now in the process of writing her second book manuscript which addresses the political representation of Arab women after the 2010-2011 Arab uprisings.

Selected Publications

“Is Gender the Barrier to Democracy: Women, Islam and the Arab Spring” Contemporary Islam, 10:1, 2016

Pax Syriana: Elite Politics in Postwar Lebanon. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2012.

Current Teaching

(Course co-ordinator) CMEN01: The Formation of Middle Eastern Modernities (Fall 2018)



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Lebanon, Hezbollah, Gender and politics, Arab world, Sectarianism