Dalia Abdelhady

Senior Lecturer

CMEN02: Theoretical Perspectives and the Study of the Middle East
CMEN19: Middle Eastern Studies: Middle Eastern Refugees in the Global North

Anders Ackfeldt


CMEN03: Introduction to Middle Eastern Debates

Rafah Barhoum

Arabic Language Teaching Expert

Mehdi Ghavideldostkohi

Persian Language Instructor

Hossein Hashemi

Senior Lecturer

CMEN21: Environment and sustainable development in the Middle East

Rola El-Husseini

Director of Studies, Senior Lecturer

CMEN01: Formation of Middle Eastern Modernities
CMEN22: Citizenship & Multiculturalism in Middle Eastern Societies

Torsten Janson

Senior Lecturer

CMEN18: Middle Eastern Studies: Exploring Religion in Contemporary Middle Eastern Societies

Darcy Thompson


CMEN20: Methods in Middle Eastern Studies
CMEN23: Political Economy and Development in the Middle East