Rafah Barhoum

Language training expert

Rafah Barhoum is a Language training expert. 

_ Rafah is responsible for training in Arabic language and culture for students, staff and researchers at CMES.   

Rafah worked as a Teacher of Modern Standard Arabic at Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Sweden. Responsible for teaching different levels of Arabic from beginners to bachelor level.

Rafah previously worked as a supervisor teacher of Modern Standard Arabic at the Higher Language Institute, Damascus University. Teaching and testing Arabic as a foreign language in addition to conducting lectures on issues related to curriculum and materials development. 

She is specialized in Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers focusing on methods and theories on teaching second language with focus on teaching Arabic as a second language.

Rafah’s teaching approach builds on authentic materials. Other elements include involving culture, providing opportunities for lived experiences outside the classroom, engaging various senses through food and music, as well as building on the students’ own motivation and their personal projects for using the language. These diverse elements in the teaching design are founded in much of what we know today about perception, learning and language production.




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Visiting address

Finngatan 16
223 62 Lund

Visiting hours

By appointment

Areas of research

Syrian diaspora. Culture & identity. Refugee education. Livelihood for Syrian displaced.