SISNET is an interdisciplinary network promoting research and education, as well as disseminating information about Iraqi society and culture.

The network was established by Al-Kitab University, Iraq and Lund University, Sweden and is the product of cooperation between the two universities in accordance to a memorandum of understanding signed in September 2018 between the two institutions.

SISNET seeks to provide a platform for educational and cultural exchanges between the Nordic countries and Iraq. 

It does so in three principal ways. 

·      It produces and disseminates knowledge about Iraq through research, seminars, workshops, conferences, briefing papers and reports as well topical podcasts and other outputs. SISNET also seeks to engage with the broader public and generate accessible information and foster debate on Iraq and Nordic-Iraqi relations through public events, cultural activities and establishing contacts with the media. 

·      SISNET supports research, seminars, and international collaborations. 

·      It collaborates with Swedish and Nordic universities that have a strong focus on Iraq and seeks to promote relevant academic interest. 

SISNET is based at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) of Lund University. It is run by a steering team and supported by an advisory committee.

Network administration

Steering Committee: Prof. Dr. Sameer Algburi, Prof. Ronny Berndtsson (joint coordinators)

Dr. Manal Al-Sammak, Dr. Rola El-Husseini Dean

Advisory Committee: 

Asst.Prof. Dr. Nihad Alomari, Prof. Aziz Ibrahim, Dr. Haider Khalil, Spyros A. Sofos


Swedish Iraqi Studies Network (SISNET)

c/o CMES, Lund University Box 201, 221 00, Lund, Sweden
E-mail: spyros.sofos[at] 


Oct 1 and 2, 2019, there was a conference on Women, War and Peace Making in the Middle East which was co-organised by CMES and Al-Kitab university in Iraqi Kurdistan.