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Enhancing Human Rights Knowledge from the Arab World

The lack of foundational information about the universe of Arabic-language knowledge, documentation and publication around human rights prompted our initiative to build a knowledge base will enable a far deeper exploration of human rights in the Arab world while opening the largely unexamined Arabic-language documentation and analysis and exploration by non-Arabic speaking scholars, advocates and policymakers, and making it freely accessible to the public.

 Enhancing Human Rights Knowledge from the Arab World
Enhancing Human Rights Knowledge from the Arab World

This project assembles, annotates, translates, analyses and disseminates the largest ever collection of Arabic-language human rights writings, with the goal of bringing Arabic-language discourses, histories and politics of human rights in the region to the fore in contemporary research.

A new reference database

The project aims to build the infrastructure of a unique, publicly accessible, reference database of human rights related literature in the Arab world.

This is a strategic partnership and collaboration between the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights (Lund University), Världens Bibliotek, the Documentation and Freedom of Expression Unit (Malmö City Archives), the Aga Khan University (United Kingdom), and the Arab Institute for Human Rights (Tunisia)

Core SDGs: 16, 10, 4, 5
Other: 1, 2, 3, 11


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