Europe's 'Other' Youth: Mapping the Phenomenon of Young Muslim Radicalization

Stemming from our broader work on the Middle East in Sweden, a lot of which is also focusing on youth, this cluster of research activities takes a critical, theoretical and practical approach to processes of Muslim youth radicalization. Our perspective

  • is premised on our experience of the shortcomings of the securitization of policies towards young Muslims in Sweden and, more broadly, Europe
  • revolves around our belief that we need to take a proactive and positive stance, to develop mechanisms of listening to and understanding young Muslims, their aspirations and grievances
  • centers on the importance of better studying youth radicalism, the way violent jihad is mediated and communicated.

Our current research projects

Europe’s Other Youth: Mapping the phenomenon of young Muslim radicalization I

Europe’s Other Youth: Mapping the phenomenon of young Muslim radicalization II  


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Research Team

Leif Stenberg
Andrea Sjøberg Aasgaard
Daniel Walter
Darcy Thompson
Jørgen Aske
Spyros  A. Sofos