Europe’s ‘other’ youth: mapping the phenomenon of young Muslim radicalization (ii)

Stemming from the above questions this project takes a more practical approach to the processes of Muslim youth radicalization and attempts to delve into the local, translocal and transnational physical and virtual networks that are involved in the positive mediation of violent ‘Jihad’ and contribute to the radicalization and recruitment of young European Muslims.

Premised on the realization that there is very little knowledge about the complex processes that lead to the attraction of young people to violent extremism, this is a longstanding project stemming from earlier work on Muslim communities in Europe and is premised on interviews with young people extensive internet research and network analysis .

The specific questions we ask are:

  • what makes violent radicalism among Muslim youth attractive?
  • to what extent do grievances, aspirations, emotional investments and rational choices lead to radicalization?
  • what role do face to face, mediated and virtual interactions play in such processes?
  • how can we make sense of the topographies and network architectures of violent radicalization?