Partner organizations

Don Dada

Don Dada is an independent record label/music production company specialized in creating platforms for alternative music and creative artistic exchange. Don Dada promotes musical fusion and the bridging of cultures, and the combination of artistic expression and social activism.  
Don Dada is represented by founder and CEO Hanna Cinthio, a k a Hanouneh, a Swedish artist who, having lived and worked in the Middle East for several years, is a fluent speaker of Arabic and has close ties to the Middle Eastern underground music scene. She is also a doctoral candidate at Malmö University and a renowned lecturer in her field of social justice and human rights issues. 

The Don Dada team responsible for the creative activities of this project is, besides Hanna Cinthio, Kaj Szyszkiewicz (producer and guitarist), Martin Wallén (drummer/percussionist and music pedagogue), Karl Jansson (drummer, pianist and music pedagogue), Staffan Winroth (bass player and technician), Karl Ekström (saxophone player and journalist) and David Wärmegård (trumpet player); a group of versatile fusion instrumentalists and music pedagogues committed to making cultures meet through arts.

Read more about the Don Dada team and Hanna Cinthio here.

Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)

In this project, CMES is represented in this project by Anders Ackfeldt, a doctoral student investigating religio-political aspects of hip hop culture in the Middle East, and by Mark LeVine, professor of Middle Eastern history at UC Irvine, distinguished visiting professor at CMES, and the author of several books and articles on music in the Middle East. LeVine is also an accomplished rock guitarist and has played with noted rock and world beat musicians. 


Re:Orient is a cultural organization arranging concerts, performances, lectures and seminars exploring  contemporary issues and the relations between East and West, tradition and modernity. It hosts monthly Re:Orient Club at Kägelbanan, Södra Teatern in Stockholm and runs Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö. It is represented in this project by Cecilia Hörnell-Sunar, co-director. 

Shams Association

Shams is a cultural association that was funded in Beirut in 1999. It is dedicated to the promotion of young contemporary artists from the region.  Shams aims at encouraging regional exchanges in the field of performing arts, promoting creativity, extending cooperation between artists and increasing international public awareness of contemporary artistic creativity in the Arab world.To date Shams has been supported by different funds such as Ford Foundation, SIDA, AFAC, DOENN, and the European Community. Shams is a 7 employees team that organizes and coordinate all along the year multidisciplinary projects and events (video, music, theater, danse) such as the Spring Festival (an international multidisciplinary festival focusing on young artists) and Minassa (a platform for young playwrights from the Arab world). In addition, Shams hosts and promotes young  artists through the presentation of their works within the Sunflower Theater. In this project, Shams is represented by Ariane Langlois, project manager and assistant director.