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Our international MA programme in Middle Eastern Studies (120.0 credits) draws on the interdisciplinary research conducted at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES). Our main research areas are democratization and social development; migration, multicultural societies and minorities; environment and sustainable development; and religion, processes of interpretation and identity formation. To find out more go to Master's studies.

Welcome to CMES, Your Home Base for Academic Exploration

Sweden has a long tradition of working closely with the Middle East and North Africa in which relationships have been founded upon mutual respect and dialogue. CMES is proud of this pluralistic and tolerant tradition and utilises this paradigm in striving for a deeper, more perceptive understanding of the region. In effect, we strongly believe that Lund is an excellent location for academic research and exploration on the Middle East and North Africa.

As CMES continues to grow, we are constantly looking to cooperate with academic institutions, companies, and governments to promote research on the Middle East and North Africa. We strongly believe that the best path to resolving the many problems within the region, appreciating everything it has to offer, and living peacefully in a globalised world is through clear communication, cooperation, and critical, perceptive understanding.

Our Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) aims to dissolve the boundaries between education and the Center´s effort to produce, disseminate, and share knowledge with future researchers, officials and practitioners. Combining teaching and research is not only beneficial for students, who are exposed to state-of-the-art innovative research conducted at the Center, but also for the teachers themselves who explore research ideas and findings in the dynamic environment of the classroom. By connecting trans- and interdisciplinary research, CMES aims to not only understand one subject or area, but to appreciate the importance of broadening perspectives and methods to explore in a holistic and multimodal way the unfolding social dynamics of the region through the study of development, production, migrations, societies, cultures, and religions.

The knowledge researchers, students, and society at large gain achieve from the interdisciplinary research at CMES contributes to better responding to challenges which emerge as diverse societies encounter one other in our globalised world.