Master's Studies

MA in Middle Eastern Studies, 120.0 credits

The interdisciplinary Master’s Programme in Middle Eastern Studies aims to develop deeper knowledge about the Middle East of today. The programme trains students in critical thinking and gives them the ability to apply this to current events and debates in and about the region. The programme also aims to educate students in social sciences theories and various research methodologies, as well as provide opportunities for the application of methodological skills.

The Middle East is analysed as a historically changeable concept, rather than a delimited geographical region. Particular emphasis is given to the processes, norms, and flows that continuously shape the Middle East, such as migration, refugeeship, legal, political, social and economic conditions, as well as cultural and gender constructs.

In terms of teaching, the programme is based on a close connection to research within Middle Eastern Studies, in which the students are integrated in ongoing research in the field. Besides lectures and seminar-based teaching, the programme has an emphasis on supervision and mentoring, and offers individually designed field studies and applied exercises. During the programme, students conduct independent field work under supervision and are trained to academically review the work of other students.

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The application round for International, EU and Swedish students generally opens in October.

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