Master's Thesis (30 credits)

The course is an independent work where the student independently designs and conducts a scientific research project. The student is expected to formulate a qualified research problem, choose appropriate collection methods, process a comprehensive theoretical and empirical material and report on their analysis, results and conclusions in a scientific manner. The research process is conducted in consultation with a supervisor appointed by the Centre. The supervisor's task is to provide constructive feedback and guide the student through the work process. However, the responsibility for both the implementation and the completed work rests on the author him/herself.

Work at CMES straddles several disciplinary boundaries and trans-disciplinarity is part of both our research and teaching activities. It is therefore understood that theses would reflect the diverse disciplines that are involved in the study of the Middle East or even be the product of synthesis across disciplines. In view of this, the following guidelines are intended to provide our general expectations of what a thesis should contain and achieve; the ultimate shape of a thesis is decided by the student in conjunction with his/her supervisor.

In the MA thesis course the student conducts a research project and writes his/her thesis with the support of their supervisor, the student presents and defends his/her thesis, discusses other students’ theses at the theses examination seminars as well as attends mandatory seminars.