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Minorities in Yemen
Minorities in Yemen

Yemen is home to religious and sectarian minorities who represent about 0.5% of the total population. In addition to Muslims, there is a minority of Jews, who’s presence has drastically shrunk over the years due to the multiple violations and displacement they were subjected to. Yemen also has a Bahai minority, who are currently estimated to number around 2,000 individuals. They also have been subject to harassment and repeated violations by the militias currently controlling northern Yemen, where the majority of these minorities lived.

The book contains five reports on five different minorities, four of which are religious minorities, namely Judaism, Christianity, Baha’i, and Ismailism. 

The fifth is on the racially discriminated group Muhamasheen (marginalized) minority. Resources for the book range from a number of historical sources such as books and scientific research, as well as a number of reports published by international and local organizations concerned with defending minorities and fighting for their rights, in addition to several private sources that we were able to obtain by interviewing spokespersons and individuals from those minorities.

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By: CMES Dr. Mohammed Al-Mahfali & Eman Homaid