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CMES Regional Outlook

CMES Regional Outlook series provides fresh perspectives and in-depth analyses of current events in the MENA region.

Based on the multi-disciplinary expertise held by researchers at CMES, the series provides in-depth analyses and explanations of topical developments in the MENA region on issues, such as mass protests, elections, cultural and religious affairs, migration patterns, foreign policy and security, environment and climate change.

For the latest media analyses and articles on the Israel-Hamas war read more here

CMES Regional Outlooks 2024


Satellite images of Gaza, Occupied Palestinian Territory, and Israel, from 1984 and 2020 (Captured by Landsat/Copernicus)
Image: Landsat/Copernicus


Monitoring Israel’s Destruction of Gaza From Space

This Regional Outlook focuses on the role of satellite imagery...

CMES Regional Outlooks 2023


A photo of a string of Turkish flags waving in the air. In the background you can see a mosque. The text "CMES Regional Outlook"
Photo: Kubra Kısa/Pexels


The Turkish Elections

On May 14, over 50 million people went to polls to cast their vote for the presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey. No presidential candidate was...

A photo of a procession of Muslims holding signs and Qur'ans. The text "CMES Regional Outlook"
Photo: Oliver Scharbrodt




MENA Responses to the Qur’an Burnings in Sweden

Several Qur’an burnings occurred in Sweden this summer leading to protests in Muslim-majority countries. The repercussions might be limited in the short-term with the strong reactions...


The authors are responsible for the analysis and views expressed in these publications.

The logos for Lund University and CMES. The text "Regional Outlook"