Orwa Ajjoub: After Baghdadi’s death, why did Islamic State fighters give a pledge to their new leader?

New article by CMES researcher Orwa Ajjoub in The Conflict Archives - a platform created to showcase work focused on conflict, insurgency and politics across the globe including the Middle East, [...]


How Iran’s Islamic Revolution Does, and Does Not, Influence Houthi Rule in Northern Yemen

New article by CMES Mohammed Almahfali & James Root in The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies - an independent think-tank that seeks to foster change through knowledge production with a focus on [...]


Research on populism published as cartoons

Having just marked two months since its launch, #rethinkingPopulism has already published 9 articles and an interactive map tracing the topography of research on populism and gender. Continuing to [...]


March 18, at 15-18

A Panel Discussion: Raison d'État in the “New” Turkey

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April 2, at 12-13

How sustainable are projects? Who are they sustainable for? What is sustainability?

International development is a huge industry with a very large economic turnover. Donor countries invest in receiving countries, most often in terms of thematic projects that follow current agendas and priorities, where for ages long term sustainability has been a keyword. A project is often evaluated mid-term and at the end, to make sure that funding has been and is, used appropriately, and that the project objectives have been reached.  But how sustainable are projects? Who are they sustainable for? What is sustainability?

Annika Rabo and Ulrik Mårtensson 

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Feb 4, at 12-13
Natives’ Use of Urban Public Spaces following Large Refugee Influx: A Concept Development
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Feb 12, at 16-17
Documenting Syria; Revolution, Filmmaking and Video Activism - book talk by Joshka Wessels
During her talk Joshka will screen exclusive and rare film material covering the history of Syrian documentary film from the 1970 until today. FIKA will be served at 15 45.
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