New cooperation initiative around people with disabilities in conflict areas

CMES, The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and a new platform called ip-ACIRR* are working to promote rights for people with disabilities in contexts of armed conflicts [...]


The Media Coverage of the Syrian Crisis- a presentation at SOL, Språk- och litteraturcentrum Lund University

Madeleine Kassab is a guest researcher at Middle Eastern Studies. Her research about The Media Coverage of the Syrian Crisis analyses the media coverage of the Syrian crisis from 2011 to 2013. It is [...]


The world's first history of Syrian Documentary Cinema

Monday the 27th of May, CMES affiliated researcher, the Syria scholar and ethnographic filmmaker Joshka Wessels will present her upcoming book which will be published by Bloomsbury/IB Tauris entitled [...]



Deniz Arzuk: A Data Mapping and Visualisation Project: Children's Rights in Turkey

Deniz Arzuk is a visiting researcher and Raoul Wallenberg Institute fellow based at the Child Studies Unit at Linköping University.

May 15 at 12:00

CMES Seminar Room Finngatan 16


CMES Graduate Student Conference 2019

Entitled "The Middle East in the Contemporary World", open to all graduate students in Lund University

March 16-17 at 09:00

Eden Building, Room 129


‘Becoming an EX’: Patterns and Dynamics of Exiting Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood after 2011

Dr. Mustafa Menshawy is an assistant professor at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.

June 4 at 12:00

CMES Seminar Room Finngatan 16