CMES Mohammed Almahfali is part of the new Dawit Isaak Library

Dawit Isaak Library
Dawit Isaak Library

The Dawit Isaak Library is a freedom of expression library at Malmö City Archives. It will open On 16 September 2020 to the public and it is located in Malmö City Archives' existing premises. 

The library contains the banned books, books that have been burned or censored - all written by people who have been silenced, threatened, imprisoned or forced into exile because of their words. Both contemporary literature written by, for example, sanctuary authors and older literature.

The Dawit Isaak Library offer an opportunity for the general public and researchers to be able to find and read literature in a single place that is otherwise difficult to access or distributed. There you can also find non-fiction that touches on issues such as freedom of expression, censorship, artistic freedom, democracy and more.

Dawit Isaak is a Swedish-Eritrean journalist and author who has been imprisoned in Eritrea since 2001 without trial for publishing criticism of the Eritrean regime. 

What is your role in this important work Mohammed?
- My role was assisting to collect the Arabic banned books, and the books that their authors were subjected to killed, imprisoned, and exiled. In addition to the Arabic versions, we tried to see if there are translated versions, especially into English and Swedish. I tried to make a summary of those books, including brief information on their content and when, where, and why they have been banned?


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