CMES Svante Lundgren is one of the editors of the new book "Armenia, mon amour Ten Europeans Speak"

Armenia mon amour. Book title. Picture.

Ten non-Armenians from ten European countries write about their interest in and experiences of Armenia.

In moving and, at times, funny essays they depict dramatic events, lasting friendships, political struggles. We hear about lavash and brandy, genocide and revival, Yerevan and small God-forgotten villages in Hayastan and Artsakh. 

The authors describe how their interest in Armenia started, how it has developed, and how it continues today. They write about the things in Armenia that touch and inspire them, and they recollect some of their most unforgettable encounters with Armenians.

The authors have different backgrounds and come from different countries in Europe. What they all have in common is a sincere interest in and deep love for the Armenian people. 


Armenia, mon amour Ten Europeans Speak