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Debate in Lund: Qur'an Burnings and Freedom of Expression

Illustration Debatt i Lund
Illustration: Clyde Lange

Join us on Monday 9 October for a panel discussion about the recent Qur'an burnings and freedom of expression in Sweden.

Debatt i Lund: Is Sweden an Outlier or a Brave Defender of Freedom of Expression? What Do Academics Say?

How sacred is freedom of speech in Sweden? Quran burnings have thrust Sweden onto the global stage. The acts have been condemned by both the Swedish government and the Muslim world.

While some view the demonstrations as an attack on already marginalised groups in Sweden, others argue that it is evidence of Sweden's principled defense of freedom of speech.

In this panel we want to offer an academic take on the Quran burnings. 

WHEN: 9 October 2023 19:00 to 20:00

WHERE: Grand Hotel, Stora Salen (andra våningen), Bantorget 1, Lund

Welcome to Debate in Lund, and meet four researchers in law, political science, Islamic studies, and human rights giving their perspective. 

On the panel:

  • Oliver Scharbrodt, Professor of Islamic Studies
  • Karin Aggestam, Professor of Political Science and director of Centre of Advanced Middle Eastern Studies
  • Karin Zackari, Researcher in Human Rights
  • Vilhelm Persson, Professor in Public Law

Moderator: Andreas Ekström, writer and journalist Sydsvenskan

The debate will also be streamed online on and on YouTube: 

Admission is free, but there are limited seats. If you want to secure a spot, please register:


  • It is held four times a year.
  • It is an academic "talk show" where researchers discuss current issues with other experts, politicians, journalists, students, and engaged members of the public.
  • Past participants include Mona Sahlin, Per Brinkemo, Göran Greider, Lawrence Lessig, Per Bauhn, Martha Nussbaum, Carlota Perez, Nina Björk, Dilsa Demirbag-Sten, Roland Paulsen, Ann Heberlein, Jens Liljestrand, Ivan Krastev, Liv Strömquist, Birger Schlaug, Lena Andersson, Bengt Westerberg, Alf Hornborg, Andreas Bergh, Agneta Stark, Olof Johansson, Carl Bildt, Ozan Sunar, Suzanne Brøgger, Pippa Norris, Qaisar Mahmood, Bi Puranen, Andreas Cervenka, and many more.
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